Introduction of Arizona Adventures

Since the early 1990’s, Pima County has dedicated over 2,500 acres of land 15 to 20 minutes from downtown Tucson for the purpose of creating an entertainment district.  Anchoring this district is the Pima County Fairgrounds, which is currently the largest attraction in the district offering not only Tucson’s largest annual event but also many different events in the multifaceted facilities.  Currently, there are six other popular attractions operating in the district, plus the new skeet & trap shooting and archery ranges which in 2013 will be attracting large crowds to the area.  Non-Fairground events taking place at the Fairgrounds on a year-round basis range from equestrian, agricultural, automotive, livestock, home and garden, plus many more.  Additional attractions are being planned for this massive complex.

Arizona Adventures is a proposed 15-acre family fun park featuring a 12,000 square foot indoor fun center, outdoor family rides and activities, a high quality restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, party rooms and the region’s only outdoor family splash park.  Pima County is seeking a developer/operator to partner in creating this entertainment/family fun park.  The attached maps provide an artist’s rendering of the proposed park and the Pima County Entertainment District showcasing the total development.

The following information presents the many assets and advantages Arizona, Pima County, Tucson and the Pima County Entertainment District offer the company that will become the developer/operator of this exciting facility in one of America’s fasting growing areas.

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